Crazy Rabbit is an American company that has traced professional experience in the production of industrial hemp products for over 10 years.

Crazy Rabbit believes it is necessary to expand access to quality cannabinoids. By targeting the human endocannabinoid system, Crazy Rabbit CBD products can help many people on this planet restore their internal balance and overall well-being.

CBD Extract

The extract we use to produce Crazy Rabbit CBD vapes is derived from industrial hemp in the US under the regulation of the Food and Drug Administration.

We only retain the beneficial ingredients

Crazy Rabbit CBD extract extracts with CO2, thus extracting and preserving the completely beneficial ingredients of the plant, including broad-spectrum cannabidol (CBD), all natural terpenes and flavanoids.

No psychoactive substances

In extraction, we preserve only the beneficial ingredients and completely remove the psychoactive ingredients of industrial hemp.

Laboratory tested

The laboratory in which we extract CO2 ensures that there are no traces of pesticides and herbicides in the extracted substance.
Crazy Rabbit first enters the Bulgarian market in 2022 with a premium selection of CBD products meeting the high standards of the most demanding users.
High Potency
Broad Spectrum
Organic Hemp
LAB Tested
Terpene Rich
Made in USA
CO2 Extraction
Colors & Natural Flavors
Cruelty Free
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